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Welcome to our new Parent Support Advisors

Dear Parents & Carers,


We are delighted to introduce you to our new Parent Support Advisors (PSA). Beginning this half term, we are pleased to welcome Mrs Sheila Khan and Ms Rahila Sarwar.
It is likely that many of you will already know Mrs Khan as she has had strong connections with the school for many years, through her involvement as a parent, as a school governor and as organiser of the group Friends of Regents Park (FORP). Recently, Mrs Khan volunteered to work in school supporting in the office and also picking up some of the PSA role in Mrs Choudhury’s absence.


Parents who have had children at Regents Park for some time may also remember Ms Sarwar who was our PSA before Mrs Choudhury. Ms Sarwar was the PSA for 8 years from 2004 to 2012 before she left to take a career break and look after her own children. We are delighted to welcome her back to Regents Park.


The PSA role is all about supporting parents to make sure that children get the best start in life in terms of their education, health and wellbeing. We are all aware that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that make it difficult for parents and that can have a huge impact on children’s learning, e.g. housing, health, finance, language barriers, domestic issues, family breakdowns, etc. Our Parent Support Advisors are here to support you and make sure that issues such as these don’t affect your children’s education.


Both Mrs Khan and Ms Sarwar know the school very well and are keen to support parents in whatever way that they can. Mrs Khan and Ms Sarwar will be job sharing the role – Mrs Khan will be working from Monday to Wednesday and Ms Sarwar from Wednesday to Friday. They are keen to meet with parents and introduce themselves to you so if you see them at the gates before or after school please say hello.